The Princess in Black

I’ve mentioned before my petites love of all things princess (here).  A few weeks ago I was doing some research on early chapter books for her and one title keep popping up – The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale with illustrations from the amazing LeUyen Pham.

The Princess in Black

This book is all about Princess Magnolia, who is a perfectly charming pink frilly dress wearing princess.  However, when her monster alarm sounds she is ready to change into her alter-ego The Princess in Black.  The Princess in Black is fearless and knows just what to do to save the goats from dangerous monster who is threatening to eat them.  She does this all while sneaking out of a tea party with Duchess Wigtower.  The only real problem is that the Duchess is sneaky – will she find out what Princess Magnolia is hiding?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

What I love about this book, where to start.  I’ve read a huge amount of princess stories and this one is by far my favorite.  I thought I may need to sell the petite on it, since she is so used to her Disney princesses, however, this book needs no arm twisting – that is what happens when you read a truly wonderful story about a strong willed heroine.  It is a perfect early chapter book – the chapters are shorter and really engaging.  It is a real page turner, numerous times in reading the story my petite begged me to read just one more chapter.  She was just dying to know what would happen and to be honest, so was I.

I also love the illustrations, they are vibrant and really fun.  The book itself is high quality, the pages are thick and glossy and really sturdy for little hands.  Another aspect that is by far my favorite, this book is not just for girls.  This book is for any petite that likes adventure, if you like a strong will protagonist who saves the day, then this book is for you.  The Princess in Black is awesome!

I am thrilled that book #2 is slated to come out sometime in the fall, which will be a welcome addition to our shelves.  This is a great book, I am sure your petites will enjoy it as much as mine did.  Here is a bit more about this fabulous book.  Enjoy!

Source: Candlewick Press

Source: Candlewick Press


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