Kisses are Flying in Catching Kisses.


Catching Kisses, by Amy Gibson with illustrations by Maria Van Lieshout is a book that celebrates kisses and love.  This book is unique in that you go on a journey through the USA as you turn the pages.  Amy Gibson has created such beautiful language to describe the kisses and the illustrations add so much to the lovely story.

This book is really fun because you follow the kisses on their journey through the United States.  My petites loved looking at all of the different places and finding the “kisses” which are the seeds of a dandelion as they move through place to place.  Catching Kisses showcases many popular cities and yours might just be one of them – making the story all the more personal.

For the Classroom:

I think this is a beautiful story, that could be a platform for students to build on their figurative language skills using the similes and metaphors in the text.  I think this would be a really fun read aloud for the classroom and can see reading it to students at the elementary level.  I would read this to students who were in 2nd -4th who were working on bolstering their figurative language as well as for the different locations that are featured, it would be a fun book to have them guess where the places are.  Another fun place to share this book would be during an art lesson/class.  The illustrations have a lot of movement as well as which would be fun to share with a group of students.


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