Library Wall – Lovely Addition to the Nursery

When petites are little it is so important for them to be exposed to all sorts of books, basically anything that interests them.  One way to support this for your petites to have the books facing out so that they can see the covers.  When they face out the petite can interact with the cover – which is essentially how our little ones choose what books they want to read or have read to them.  It is a lot more engaging for petites to see the vibrant covers of the books than just the spines.  A library wall is a really easy project you can complete in a weekend.  It is also a stunning addition to a nursery or playroom.

RIBBA Picture Ledges from IKEA


no.1 / no. 2 / no. 3

no. 4 / no.5 / no. 6

no. 7 / no. 8 / no. 9

What I personally love about these IKEA ledges is that they are a fantastic price and look gorgeous on the wall with books.  They come in two sizes, 21 3/4 and 45 1/4 and the price-point is $10 – $15.  Even better, you just screw them into the wall and add your favorite titles.  How easy is that?

We personally use the ribba frames in my girls room and love them.   I adore the way we can rotate different titles in and out based on the petite’s current interest.

Ribba 1

Gutter Bookshelves

Gutters are another great way to decorate and showcase all of your lovely books.  Two things make the gutter shelves so handy; first is that they can hold a lot more weight than the ribba – meaning a lot more books.  Probably the most handy aspect of all is the gutters can be cut to any length you desire, making a custom look quite easy to attain.   gutter 3no. 1 / no. 2 / no. 3

no. 4 / no. 5 / no. 6

 My dear friend added some of these gutter bookshelves to her daughters stunning nursery and I love how they turned out.  There is something so fun about using books as art, but in a way that it is functional.  I love when beauty meets function.  Don’t these gutters look amazing?  All done for around $40.

Gutter 1

 There are so many lovely ways to display your petites favorite books it really is just a matter of how much space you want to devote to the book wall and whether you prefer gutters or ledges.

Happy decorating.



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