Feeling crafty? Book Nook Decor

A few weeks ago my best girlies and I got together to make some really fun crafts for our petites.  I absolutely adore when you see something on Pinterest, think it looks really cute and are able to execute it.  Yay!  This is a really easy activity with minimal materials needed and a nap time to complete.

Finished version

bare letters BookThe materials you will need:

  • modge podge
  • foam paintbrush
  • letters
  • book (that you are okay with taking apart)/children’s art work
  • exacto knife
  • tin foil to lay the letters on as they dry
  • nap time

The hardest part of this project was finding the four letters.  A few of the stores did not have a the complete word.  I personally like these cardboard letters.  One of my pals opted for a thinner wood version of the letters – it’s a personal preference.

So once you have all of your stuff together you just need to get ready to get messy.  Decide if you want to use the entire book page like I did above, or if you want to cut out specific images and piece it together.

Tip: If you’re using thicker paper you might want to spritz it down with a light mist of water so it is more pliable.

Using the foam brush paint the top of the letter and smooth on the book images.  If you are going to wrap the pages around the letters you will need to cut them with an exacto knife and fold them over while they are still wet and pliable.  Odds are you will not get the entire page to cover the surface and sides of the letters so you will need to piece together other strips from the book to cover it all, I chose to use the white margins as the sides.

Once you get everything sorted out how you like it, then give it a once over of the modge podge and you just let it dry.
Super easy, right?  You can make it even easier if you like, just put the book page on the top of the letter and leave the side as is or paint the sides.  The folding over does get a little tricky and messy.

Here are some of the other creations from my lovely ladies:

Bake 1

Aren’t these amazing?  My friend makes the most gorgeous cakes and is just an overall amazing baker, so these are quite fitting for her and her passion for baking.


My other pal is a brilliant mama who just ran a giveaway with me at Grace Mabel Baby  where she produces incredible baby friendly lotions and soaps perfect for the most sensitive petites.  She made this amazing G out of her petites finger paintings!  Could this be any cuter?

Whichever way you choose it you can make this really cute project all your own.  As you can see these letters are really the perfect addition to just about any space.

Happy crafting!


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