How the Library (NOT the Prince) Saved Rapunzel


How the Library (Not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel by Wendy Meddour and Rebecca Ashdown is a really fun spin on a classic tale.  I have written before about my 5 year olds love of all things princess before, well this book is exactly what I think a lot of parents have been hoping for – the answer to the helpless princess problem.


So this book has a really eye catching title, and lovely illustrations.  In the begging as you start reading you will meet the idle Rapunzel.  She had no where to go and nothing to prove so she sits in her 16th floor tower apartment block.  She is rather bored and apathetic to her constant slew of visitors.  She clearly looks dour and sad, she has no purpose and as you read you will see her shoulders slump and face become even more discontent.  Even the cats look pretty sad.

When the prince comes it is pretty hilarious, my petite didn’t think he looked like a prince at all.  I laughed out loud when he rolls up on his scooter.  But not even the prince can woo Rapunzel into letting down her hair.  When all of her visitors finally walk up the stairs to see Rapunzel the most amazing thing happens a letter is delivered and within it a purpose.  She has a new job at the library!

This is where the story takes a turn and is just wonderful she is uplifted and now has something to prove, her whole demeanor changes and she is completely rejuvenated, she braids her hair puts on her best clothes and goes to work in one of her favorite places…the library.

Books more important than looks

This books message is so important, Rapunzel realized that she didn’t like the girl she was waiting around for the prince and she did something about it, moving her forward.  However, it is what she did that I love so much, she changed her outlook and becomes inspired.  She learns everything she can from the distance to the moon, Scottish dancing, playing the bassoon, speaking four languages, playing chess, knitting and so many other things…all because of library books.

But don’t just sit and wait and stare…when there’s more to life than growing your hair!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I am a sucker for books with a good message, even more so a book that promotes books!  This book just happens to be my personal trifecta of favorite things: love of books, a strong message about being smart, and a feisty redheaded petite!  I truly couldn’t ask for more.  But wait there is more…the illustrations Rebecca Ashdown has created are wonderfully diverse, I love this.  Yay for diverse children’s books.

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