Today is Independent Bookstore Day!

Independent bookstore dayWhoo Hooo, do you have plans today?  I am guessing once you finish reading this post you might.  If you don’t live in Seattle and can’t hop on over, don’t feel badly, so many independent bookshops are participating that I am sure you will be able to find some fun bookish happenings close to home.

Here is what you need to know for my favorite local bookshops (click the links to see what is happening)

Elliot Bay Books (best for everyone who has eyeballs and likes to use them to read great books) when most people think of Seattle and independent bookshops they think of Elliot Bay.  I know I have taken one or more out of towners to this local treasure.

Secret Garden Books (best for everyone who has petites) scavenger hunts and story time sound like fun to you?  then you will want to get the details about all the happenings in Ballard.

University Books (want to see what the kids in English 101 are reading?  I do, oh wait and a vast array of everything else?) with three Seattle area locations you are sure to have a fantastic time looking at new books.  They have a bunch of really fun activities for petites throughout the day as well some giveaways.  They even have a story time, click the link to get specific times and details.

Book Larder (hungry for books?  Go here)  Want to partake in some yummy cooking demos from the books that they sell?  How about spend $20 and get a free tea towel?  They have a selection of the most amazing cookbooks and a staff that can help you find your new favorite meal.

There are fun things happening at almost every independent bookshop around the country, I can’t wait to hear about what you find.  If you get out there please share some pictures on the Petite Stag Facebook page, I would love to see what you find.


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