Let’s Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some Chips and Salsa

Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!

I wanted to share a new cookbook with you that is about one of my favorite things to eat.  I love chips and salsa.  When I say I love, I mean I crave and once I open a bag of chips lookout.  My absolute favorite chips are Juanita’s made in Hood River, Oregon.  They are by far superior chips and once you’ve had them, all other chips will be unworthy of your salsa and guacamole.  Alright, now that we have established the best chip to be dipping you need some salsa.

Salsas and Moles by Deborah Schneider published by Ten Speed Press in April 2015.  Is a small book packed full of 60 recipes for Pico de Gallo, Mole, Chimichurri, Gaucamole and many other delicious recipes.  The only trouble you will have is deciding which salsa to make first.


Some of these recipes look like they have been passed down from a previous generation.  To be honest, when it comes to mole, I have this friend who made it for me a few times and I knew it was detailed with a lot of different ingredients, but I have been rather intimidated to make it on my own.  However, Schneider gives you all the steps you will need to make many different types of mole – so really the tough part I suspect will be choosing which one and then collecting the ingredients.

What I really loved about this book is the explanation about chilies and what Schneider calls the essential guide to chiles.  This is so helpful for me, I never really knew about the flavor components or heat ratings beyond a habanero is really hot.  I think that this is the perfect foundation for the rest of the book and the delicious recipes.  I was so excited to see the recipes for new types of sauces like her recipe for chimichurri which is delicious and so easy to make.

Some other things about this book that I love, the size, it is a smaller book which for some reason makes me love it even more.  There are gorgeous pictures throughout, which is so helpful when making a new recipe; I love seeing what it should look like.  Overall, this is a great cookbook and if you or someone you know loves eating salsa or cooking authentically then this is the book for you.

Bloggers note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. However, the thoughts and opinions are my own.





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