A roundup of all things BFG

I love Roald Dahl, his books are so much fun, I have had the wonderful pleasure of teaching his books and sharing them with many kids.  In fact one of my absolute favorite experiences teaching was with a 5th grade team that did reading groups all focusing on Roald Dahl texts, it was amazing!  The conversations that are generated from reading his books are so wonderful.  My most discouraged readers were in love with his whimsical and silly characters – I saw those struggling readers emerge into confident readers through his masterful prose.


Today I had a chance to see some of the recently released items to celebrate the upcoming BFG film produced by Stephen Spielberg in theaters July 1st.

The BFG  (1982, Jonathan Cape, but currently published by Puffin) The BFG is not your average giant, yes he is very tall 24 feet to be exact.  He is a big friendly giant, which is wonderful news for Sophie who was taken by him in the middle of the night when she caught him blowing dreams into the windows of sleeping children, had it been any other type of giant she would be in real trouble.  Sophie soon learns that the giants are off to eat some children, she decides she is going to stop them, of course, with the help of the BFG.  This book is geared toward 3-7th grade and might be a little frightening for younger petites, what with all the giants trying to eat children and all.

The Big Friendly Doodle Book (Grosset & Dunlap, 2016) This book is perfect, it is filled with original artwork from Quentin Blake.  Lovely excerpts from Dahl’s text as well as stickers.  This is the perfect place for imaginations to take flight.  This is geared toward 8-12 year olds.

The BFG’s Gloriumptious Journal (Grosset & Dunlap, 2016) I absolutely love this journal.  It is perfect for BFG fans ages 8-12 and I feel offers just enough space to be thoughtful in comments as well as not too long to be a burden.  Some of the questions that are asked will take you on a journey through the story and help you to relate even more with text to self questions to make strong connections.  Here are some sneak peaks inside:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The BFG’s Gloriumptious Sticker Activity Book (Puffin, 2016) – these sticker books are so much fun. Perfect for anyone making summer travel plans, this would be a perfect activity for petites who are going to be on a plane or in a car for extended time.


Roald Dahl’s Story-Sketcher this story-sketcher is perfect for petites who are 6-8 years old, it is 128 pages featuring some of Dahl’s most popular stories.  A perfect introduction to Dahl and his creative mind.

And for the super fans of BFG, how could you possibly resist this Pop! Vinyl of The Big Friendly Giant?  I didn’t think so.  This fellow needs to be on your petites bookshelf, don’t you think?



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