Think Happy


Think Happy by Karen Salmansohn (Ten Speed Press, 2016) in this book you will find a collection of fifty inspirational sayings that are sure to bolster your confidence, raise your happiness quota and help your overall mood.  This is a really fabulous book that not only looks amazing on the shelf or coffee table, but has really inspiring pep talks that are sure to help you support yourself or others.  Karen Salmansohn is a happiness guru, and it is quite clear that she is extremely passionate about helping others to attain happiness.

I am a huge fan of quotes and have many books dedicated to the wise words of others and this book will fit perfectly into this category.  A place where you can look and find sage advice to help move you from whatever place you may find yourself.

These are the perfectly motivational, inspiring, mood-lifting topics you will find:

  • Five things to say when starting something new
  • Five things to say when feeling grumpy
  • Five things to say when dealing with a major challenge
  • Five things to say when faced with failure
  • Five things to say to improve your self-love life
  • Five things to say when dealing with toxic people
  • Five things to say when you feel stressed out
  • Five things to say when looking for and maintaining love
  • Five things to say when you need to forgive and forget
  • Five things to say to motivate yourself to go for your dreams

Let’s also take a moment to discuss the art that is within these pages, I would be lying if I didn’t say when I opened this book part of me wanted to figure out how to get these inspiring words into frames and on my walls.  They are brilliant little reminders to strive for greatness, to let the small stuff go, to focus on what really matters.  This book is so aesthetically pleasing – I love the quirky art that accompanies each inspirational quote.  This book would be a perfect gift for a book loving friend, someone who needs more happy in their lives and well of course the perfect book to treat yourself.

I had never heard of Karen Salmansohn before reading this book and now I must confess, I want to read anything and everything I can find written by her.  Ms. Salmansohn has written quite a few books about happiness and inspirational teachings:


Blogger Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review; however the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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