Max at Night & An Amazing Giveaway!

Max at Night.png

Ed Vere who is the New York Times bestselling creator of Max the Brave has a new book Max at Night by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2015.  If you loved the first Max book you will be thrilled to see this latest adventure in bedtime preparation.  Like most parents, you realize quickly that the nighttime routine although a very magical time for parent and child bonding can quickly become an advance course in patience.  This book compliments that struggle perfectly.  This book reminds me of Goodnight Moon and If You Give A Mouse a Cookie; in the sense that this book perfectly captures the best parts of both of those amazing stories.

Max is a darling black kitten who is extremely tired and up way past his bedtime.  He has completed his steps for bedtime, complete with saying goodnight to his fish, box, spider, moon…but wait…Max cannot see the moon.  This dear readers is where the adventure begins.  Max’s search for the moon begins and leads him through the city on his quest to see the moon and say goodnight.  It is quite the journey for such a small kitten.

What we love the most about this book is that the moon talks to Max, we had an amazing conversations about how fun that would be for the moon to tell us goodnight each night and to sleep well.  We also love that Max never gives up, not even when he is tired, not even when he has to travel very far – never once does he give up.

If you love this book and Max then you will want to be sure to download this activity packet to enrich your reading experience.

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 8.36.51 AM.png

Check out this amazing GIVEAWAY!!  You can enter for a chance to win an original sketch from Ed Vere and a copy of Max at Night!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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