Counting Concepts for Petites

Counting Concepts.png

My three year old Vivienne, has been wanting to do “lessons” like her big sister for months now.  So since this school year started we’ve been focusing on lessons each day.  So of course, we go to the library a few times a week and get new books.  This week I let her choose a bag full of books and some of these were among her picks.

Musk Ox Counts by Erin Cabatingan and illustrated by Matthew Myers (Neal Porter Press, 2013) is one silly read.  This book is a perfect shape for little hands, filled with tons of silly drama from Musk Ox and Zebra.  This story is as silly as can be, we thoroughly enjoyed reading about Musk ox messing up the counting pages.

8 an Animal Alphabet by Elisha Cooper (Orchard Books, 2015) the premise of this book is simply too much fun.  On each page there is one animal that is shown 8 times, and your job is to find that animal.  I love this book, from the opening whiner Elisha Cooper explains why 8 is the number you’re looking for.  “Because 8 is great, because 8 is round and adorable”.  Too much fun!  Oh, this is also a bang for your buck book because it covers the alphabet too, making this one awesome book for petite learners.

Abagail by Catherine Rayner (Tiger Tails, 2013) Abigail is a giraffe who loves to count, she counts just about anything she can find; even her friends.  They count all day and into the evening, the illustrations are beautiful and sure to get your petite counting.

Turtle Splash: Countdown at the Pond by Cathryn Falwell (Greenwillow Books, 2001) is modeled after the counting song.  It is a terribly fun read and sing along.  We completely enjoyed reading this really fun counting book and counting the turtles.

Bear Counts by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman (Simon & Schuster, 2015) is a charming book, this book is filled with glorious rhymes and darling illustrations that will make this a perfect read for any petite who is learning about numbers, but also loves a great story.  One of our favorite pages is number 5!

As part of the petites counting lessons, we’ve been using little hippo counters to help her to learn more about counting objects, these have been incredibly helpful.  These counters are so much fun because they have endless uses:

  • sorting by color
  • sorting by type
  • counting
  • story telling
  • patterns
  • comparing numbers – which is larger or smaller

You will also be able to find counters for your petites online, here are some super cute ones that we’ve been eyeing on amazon.



If you have any other counting books that your petite’s are loving please let me know we’d love to check them out.


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