All My Friends Are Planets


All My Friends Are Planets.pngAugust 24, 2006 was a day that marked a huge shift in our solar system; a shift that challenged what we always thought we knew.   Mike Brown, an astronomer, determined that Pluto was no longer a planet, but in fact a Dwarf Planet.  If you or your petite is a huge fan of the solar system or even just wants to read a really fabulous story, I have just the book recommendation for you!  All My Friends are Planets by Alisha Vimawala is a story about our favorite Dwarf Planet – Pluto!

In this story Pluto is personified into a charming little planet, who has lived life on the outskirts of the solar system.  Pluto always felt a little different from his friends, but they never made him feel like he was alone or different.  Until that one day, August 24, 2006 when Pluto realized that all that time that he had felt differently and it was for a great reason, he was different but in a unique and extremely special way.
This story is not just about planets and science, but about being included, about what it means to know someone is different and to value them for their differences. The message is subtle, but a powerful one.  This book would be a great read for first to third graders as it covers a lot of information about the solar system (which often times is not taught in schools these days).
Another component of this book that is completely unique is that on the final page there is a blank planet and your petite is encouraged to draw their own planet and then snap a picture for a chance to have their creation shared as well as a chance to win a customized plush of the drawing!  So cool, right?
We hope you enjoy this fantastic book!  We love that this book inspires petites to look into the sky and imagine what else might be out there.

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