Little People, Big Dreams

Little People, Big World.jpg

My petites and I have been swooning over the series Little People, Big Dreams from Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.  These books are absolute perfection, down to the gorgeous illustrations and the stories that they tell.

Discover the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists.  All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.

These darlings entered the children’s book scene last year and have been making quite the impression on parents and petites alike.

Currently there are seven titles available in this series in the US.

What we love the most about this series is that the biographies are wonderfully written in a beautiful story, that captures just what makes these women so incredible, so special, they perfectly depict the life and accomplishments of these inspiring women.  Sometimes biographies for children can feel disjointed or not complete, but Little People, Big Dreams has accomplished is to create stories that flow and are a pleasure to read aloud.

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Another component that I think is so important is that these books are honest, they don’t gloss over the struggles of these women, they share them.  They do this in a way that brings about conversation with your petites, a way that allows you as a parent to have meaningful conversations with your child.  For example, when we were reading Maya Angelou, it discusses how Maya was treated unfairly because of the color of her skin.  My petites thought that this was outrageous and we continued to discuss this for days after reading the story.  Talking about how even now some people are cruel and what we can do to help and show love to all people and stand up when we see something that is unkind or cruel.

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What is so unique and special about this series is that they are done by different authors and illustrators, each book is vibrantly illustrated.  We love the seriously artistic flair to them including gorgeous endpapers, simplistic covers that showcase the outstanding people, even the spines of the book look amazing on a shelf.  These are gorgeous books through and through from the messages of hope and inspiration that they share to the gorgeous art covering the pages.   We can’t wait to see what biographies are coming out next and get them on our shelves.

Bloggers Note: I was given copies of Amelia Earhart and Maya Angelou in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.  Thank you to Quarto for permission to use the images within this post.


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