Petite Stag Book Shop

I am so excited to share that I’ve been working to put together a little online book shop on the blog.


I participate in Amazon’s Affiliates Program.  This program provides bloggers with a very small amount of compensation for linking to products, in my case, books  in a post. Having an link in a post does not influence my feelings on that book and all opinions shared in every post are my own.

What I love most about this little online book store is that I have added our most favorite, recommended and loved books.  I have added in categories that will make it easier to find the books that have been referenced in previous posts and plan to update it when the next great reads comes along.  The titles we’ve added have all been read by us, shared on the blog and are books that we genuinely think are fantastic reads.


If you feel so inclined to check out The Petite Stag bookstore, we would be just thrilled.

Happy reading,



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