Women’s History Month Books for Petites

It is Women’s History Month and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some really powerful books about young women who are quite remarkable and inspiring.

My Name is Not Isabella
My Name Is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? is a fantastic book about a little girl who tries on many hats and in the process will introduce your petite to many remarkable women throughout history.  I love this book, after our first read my petite wanted to know more about some of the women that were featured.  It is a really fabulous story, in fact you can stop here to read more.

Rosie Revere Engineer
Rosie Revere, Engineer Andrea Beaty and David Roberts have created a manual for all petites.  I love this book, this book is an action inspiring book, the minute we were done the petite wanted to make machines and inventions.  Yes, please!  If you haven’t checked it out you will want to do it immediately.  I’ve written about my love of Rosie Revere here

The Princess in Black
The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale is a book that all petites will enjoy, there are monsters, princesses skilled in ninja moves and problems to be solved.  This book is fantastic for reading aloud to kids, I know a few teachers who have read this aloud to their classes and the kids love it!  Parents and teachers, if you are interested this book was recently in the scholastic catalog.  I adore The Princess in Black, read more here.The Paper Bag Princess
The Paper Bag Princess (Classic Munsch) a classic story about a little girl who goes through some struggles and comes out on top.  I love a strong willed girl and if you do to this book is for you.

I am Rosa Parks
I am Rosa Parks (Ordinary People Change World) I am in love with these books by Brad Meltzer, they are all so fabulous.  I love that this book features the humanity of Rosa Parks, that we are able to get a glimpse into what made her into the icon that we all know now.  I adore these books, check them out here.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon initially I wasn’t sold on this book at first, I though the illustrations were a little, well silly.  But then I gave it a read and loved it, the message is that kids aren’t always kind and well, Molly Lou has a granny who helps her to stand tall and build her confidence.  In turn making this a fantastic book a way to help kids realize that when they are the best version of themselves that they can accomplish anything.

Miss Rumphius
Miss Rumphius, this story is one of a woman who is given a simple bit of advice as a child to leave the world a better place – she travels the world and in the end does just that.  A really beautiful story with stunning illustrations.  This book stood as a reminder to me as well that whatever you do it should be done with your whole heart.

The Most Magnificent Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing this book is all about a little girl and her dog, she has an idea to make the most magnificent thing, what I like the most about this book is the vocabulary that is so rich and educating.  I love that the little girl has real reactions and emotions around making her “thing”.  This book is real and I love that.

Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite books to celebrate girls and women?

Gift Giving: Picture Book Edition

Petite Picture Books


I’ve spent a great deal of time creating a list of our favorite books and illustrators over the last few months.  For your holiday gift giving guide, here are our top 12 books, 12 because I couldn’t bring myself to cut the list down to 10.

No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou – the petites love this book because library Lou helps the pirate to realize that books are the treasure and adventure, we couldn’t agree more.

Oliver’s Tree – a sweet book about three friends who problem solve so that everyone can be included.  Not to mention, the cutest illustrations ever!

Me…Jane – stunning book about a remarkable lady who continues to inspire an entire generation of animal lovers and future conservationists.

Bats at the Library – a fun story about bats who sneak into the local library when the window is left ajar, they explore books and all the joys the library has to offer.

Flora and the Penguin – this delightful book is gorgeous and will bring a smile to any petites face and those lucky enough to share this book with them.

Tea Rex – a sweet book about a tea rex who loves a tea party.  It is super silly and the petites will love it, especially if they love to have tea parties too.

Rosie Revere Engineer – one of our all time favorite books, this book should be in the hands of all young petites.  A young girl wants to be an engineer and learns an important lesson, every flop moves you closer to getting to your goal.

Little Red Hot – another family favorite, a play on Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Hot will have your petites rooting for Little Red Hot and cheering in the end.

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey & Day Dreamers: A Journey of Imagination – these two books have some of the most gorgeous illustrations I’ve seen.  They are absolutely magical.

Alice Waters and the Trip to Delicious – perfect for the petite who is interested in food and cooking.  The petites loved this book with it’s bright illustrations and

Julia, Child – another lovely book that is all about the love of food and cooking.

All of these books have been Petite Stag favorites over the past year.  They are fabulous options for gifts for the petites in your life.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays.


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Perfect Presents for Petite Engineers

Perfect Presents for Petite EngineersIggy Peck Architect

I have been very intrigued by these really unique books for young girls and boys that are written by Andrea Beaty with illustrations by David Roberts.
Iggy Peck, Architect was published in 2007, this book is intended for 4 to 8 year olds, however, after having read this story, this would be a great read aloud for the classroom, up through 8th grade, possibly an art class if students were designing structures.  Iggy Peck is a curious young boy who builds structures out of just about anything, diapers, fruit, he is quite resourceful.  This book is ideal for young ones who like to build and create.  The illustrations are colorful and inspiring, I imagine they look like the images that would flow through an architects mind.  I guarantee you’ll be pulling out graph paper and colored pencils to help your young Iggy Peck’s draft their creations.

In 2013, Andrea Beaty created another stunning picture book featuring a cleaver young girl Rosie Revere, Engineer.  Rosie  is a shy young girl who builds amazing things but hides them away afraid of failure.  Until her great-great-aunt Rose comes for a visit and helps her to see just how amazing her engineering is, even if at first, it’s a flop.  She helps Rosie to understand that even a flop is a good thing and that trying again is no failure.  The lyrical patterning to these stories makes them very fun and engaging to read.  My daughter loves this book, she loves looking at the designs Rosie creates.

These are books that you want your kids to connect with, to feel inspired by.  These are stories that might help the young dreamers and tinkers believe that anything is possible.  I love that it is a great story with characters you can connect with and a resounding message that anything you put your mind to is possible.

Let’s get to it, I love reading a story with my petite and having her jump up to get working on her inspirations.  These engineering toys would be perfect to support your petites in their own engineering pursuits.

Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine Goldie Blox and the Parade Float Goldie Blox and the Dunk Tank

Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine | Goldie Blox and the Parade Float |  Goldie Blox and the Dunk Tank


Engino Structures and Bridgerpulleys
Engino Structures And Bridges  | Engino Mechanical Science: Pulleys

I am so excited about these Goldie Blox sets, they feature a book and lots of pieces to complete the task, whether it is skill building or an engineering concept.  They are designed for young girls ages 4-9.  In thinking about girls, we unfortunately have many young girls who lose interest in science and math at a very young age, the goal of these Goldie Blox activities are to inspire girls to become engineers and builders in a predominately male dominated field.  Another great resource for engineering toys for kids is Engino, they have created kits for building structures, cams & cranks, gears, wheels, pulleys, simple machines and levers.  The Engino kits are geared toward a slightly older age set 6-14.

I am always looking for our next favorite book, are there other books out there like Rosie Revere and Iggy Peck that you and your petites love?  Tell me about them in the comments, I would love to check them out.

Happy Monday!