Women’s History Month Books for Petites

It is Women’s History Month and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some really powerful books about young women who are quite remarkable and inspiring.

My Name is Not Isabella
My Name Is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? is a fantastic book about a little girl who tries on many hats and in the process will introduce your petite to many remarkable women throughout history.  I love this book, after our first read my petite wanted to know more about some of the women that were featured.  It is a really fabulous story, in fact you can stop here to read more.

Rosie Revere Engineer
Rosie Revere, Engineer Andrea Beaty and David Roberts have created a manual for all petites.  I love this book, this book is an action inspiring book, the minute we were done the petite wanted to make machines and inventions.  Yes, please!  If you haven’t checked it out you will want to do it immediately.  I’ve written about my love of Rosie Revere here

The Princess in Black
The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale is a book that all petites will enjoy, there are monsters, princesses skilled in ninja moves and problems to be solved.  This book is fantastic for reading aloud to kids, I know a few teachers who have read this aloud to their classes and the kids love it!  Parents and teachers, if you are interested this book was recently in the scholastic catalog.  I adore The Princess in Black, read more here.The Paper Bag Princess
The Paper Bag Princess (Classic Munsch) a classic story about a little girl who goes through some struggles and comes out on top.  I love a strong willed girl and if you do to this book is for you.

I am Rosa Parks
I am Rosa Parks (Ordinary People Change World) I am in love with these books by Brad Meltzer, they are all so fabulous.  I love that this book features the humanity of Rosa Parks, that we are able to get a glimpse into what made her into the icon that we all know now.  I adore these books, check them out here.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon initially I wasn’t sold on this book at first, I though the illustrations were a little, well silly.  But then I gave it a read and loved it, the message is that kids aren’t always kind and well, Molly Lou has a granny who helps her to stand tall and build her confidence.  In turn making this a fantastic book a way to help kids realize that when they are the best version of themselves that they can accomplish anything.

Miss Rumphius
Miss Rumphius, this story is one of a woman who is given a simple bit of advice as a child to leave the world a better place – she travels the world and in the end does just that.  A really beautiful story with stunning illustrations.  This book stood as a reminder to me as well that whatever you do it should be done with your whole heart.

The Most Magnificent Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing this book is all about a little girl and her dog, she has an idea to make the most magnificent thing, what I like the most about this book is the vocabulary that is so rich and educating.  I love that the little girl has real reactions and emotions around making her “thing”.  This book is real and I love that.

Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite books to celebrate girls and women?


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