Books about Easter for Petites

Since it is almost Easter I wanted to make a list of some of our favorite books and some that I would love to add to our collection of holiday books.  If you’re new to the blog, I have a special box where I store all of our holiday books and I only pull them out for the holidays and then they get put back to keep the petites excited for the special books.  Here are some of our favorite picture books.

Here comes the easter catHere Comes the Easter Cat

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

Happy Easter, Mouse!

Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give…)

Splat the Cat Splat the Cat: Where’s the Easter Bunny?

Of course we couldn’t forget books for the tinniest of petites.  Here are our picks for board books:

Ollie's Easter Eggs Ollie’s Easter Eggs board book (Gossie & Friends)

Where are baby's easter eggs

Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

Owens Marshmallow Chick

Owen’s Marshmallow Chick

Duck and Goose
Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

Juna’s Jar

CoverJuna’s Jar by Jane Bahk with art by Felicia Hoshino copyright LEE & LOW Books January 2015.  Let me tell you why this book would be the perfect addition to your petites shelf.  First of all the illustrations are delightful, the story is so real and touching.  It is about a young girl named Juna, her family has a large jar of kimchi in their fridge and when the kimchi is all gone she sometimes get to keep the jar.  Do you know any petites who would like to keep a jar like this?  I certainly do.

Juna is also a girl who loves adventures especially ones with her best friend Hector.  They are perfect together looking at books and collecting things to put into the jar.  Sadly, one day Juna goes to get Hector for another adventure and learns that he has moved from his grandmother’s house to a new house far away.

Juna is devastated that she didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.  Her older brother, Minho, tries to cheer her up by buying her a fish to put into her special jar.  What is so unique and special is that this book has so perfectly captured what it is to be in a petites world to feel that unfairness and disappointment.  But more so in the beauty that is a child’s  imagination and dreams.

As Juna goes on these magical adventures inspired by whatever is in her special jar, she searches in her dreams for her dear friend Hector.  One night she is able to check in on Hector and realizes that he is happy and that he too has a special jar.  The story ends just as you hoped it would with Juna wishing of what to put into her jar when she unexpectedly meets a new friend and we can only assume the adventures continue.

Something that makes Juna’s Jar stand out from other books is that it is so relatable to so many families.  Many children live in apartments and many live with extended family of some sort this book honors that.  Another aspect that I believe is so crucial is that nature can be found anywhere – even in an urban setting.  This book also honors the fact that to have a wonderful time you don’t need a lot of “stuff”, you can be outside and explore your surroundings all you need is a pal and a jar.  This book is relatable to so many petites.  I truly believe that this book should be in all school libraries, because every petite deserves to have the opportunity to relate to the books that are available to read in their school libraries.  #WeNeedDiverseBooks

The one thing you will most likely need to do is find a jar because as soon as you read this story your petites will want to embark on their own adventures.

Tentacle Tuesday…All About the Octopus

Something rather interesting happened last week at the Seattle aquarium, Ink the new resident cephalopod was checking out his new habitat and in the process gave onlookers quite the show, it appeared as though he was going to come out of the habitat and get more acquainted with the aquarium patrons.  However, octopi are incredibly curious animals and like to explore by feeling around so maybe he wasn’t trying to make a break for it, but just checking out his new digs.

Ink is a new octopus at the aquarium because the other two were released back into the Puget Sound in February, these are the videos of Hazel & Franklin being released.  Classroom teachers, I am sure your students would love to watch these two videos, especially with the Darth Vader voices and all.

I wanted to share with you some really fun books that your petites might enjoy at all our cephalopod friends the octopus!

Walking Your Octopus

Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod

I am a huge fan of Brian Kesinger’s books.  They tell the tale of Victoria Psismall and her land octopus Otto.  These books are so unique, unlike any book I have ever seen before actually, even the shape of the book stands out and is unique.  Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod is so fun.  With thirty brilliantly illustrated panoramic pages you get to view the day to day life of Victoria and Otto as they do what any human and land octopus might do: biking, playing croquet, carving a pumpkin (a personal favorite of the petites) and dating.  Although this book is intended for children, it is for people who love art, comics, or octopuses.  I personally love the steam punk, Victorian era fashion.  There are also subtle references to Jules Verne which are always fun. My five year old loves the clothes Victoria wears as well as the silliness of Otto being a land octopus.  I would recommend these books for kids who are five and older.

Coloring with your octopus

Coloring With Your Octopus: A Coloring Book For Domesticated Cephalopods

Brian Kesinger came out with this coloring book in August, so if you love the book you can get one and color his amazing illustrations.

Traveling with your Octopus

Traveling With Your Octopus

Kesinger’s much anticipated second book released in February is sure to be a hit if you enjoyed the first book.  In this tale, Victoria and Otto as they travel the globe.  Sounds amazing right?

Since I declare today Tentacle Tuesday, I have to share with you this most amazing cake my incredibly talented friend Ally has made.  She makes these amazing (completely edible and delicious I might add) cakes just outside of Seattle.   This charming little fellow is made of:  Guinness chocolate cake with Baileys Swiss meringue butter cream. The tentacles are modeling chocolate and the octopus head is made of a cocoa peppermint rice crispy treat.  Isn’t this an amazing cake?  If you’re looking for an awesome incredibly unique custom cake let me know and I can put you in touch with her.

Cake 1

cake 2

Enjoy your Tentacle Tuesday!


How the Library (NOT the Prince) Saved Rapunzel


How the Library (Not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel by Wendy Meddour and Rebecca Ashdown is a really fun spin on a classic tale.  I have written before about my 5 year olds love of all things princess before, well this book is exactly what I think a lot of parents have been hoping for – the answer to the helpless princess problem.


So this book has a really eye catching title, and lovely illustrations.  In the begging as you start reading you will meet the idle Rapunzel.  She had no where to go and nothing to prove so she sits in her 16th floor tower apartment block.  She is rather bored and apathetic to her constant slew of visitors.  She clearly looks dour and sad, she has no purpose and as you read you will see her shoulders slump and face become even more discontent.  Even the cats look pretty sad.

When the prince comes it is pretty hilarious, my petite didn’t think he looked like a prince at all.  I laughed out loud when he rolls up on his scooter.  But not even the prince can woo Rapunzel into letting down her hair.  When all of her visitors finally walk up the stairs to see Rapunzel the most amazing thing happens a letter is delivered and within it a purpose.  She has a new job at the library!

This is where the story takes a turn and is just wonderful she is uplifted and now has something to prove, her whole demeanor changes and she is completely rejuvenated, she braids her hair puts on her best clothes and goes to work in one of her favorite places…the library.

Books more important than looks

This books message is so important, Rapunzel realized that she didn’t like the girl she was waiting around for the prince and she did something about it, moving her forward.  However, it is what she did that I love so much, she changed her outlook and becomes inspired.  She learns everything she can from the distance to the moon, Scottish dancing, playing the bassoon, speaking four languages, playing chess, knitting and so many other things…all because of library books.

But don’t just sit and wait and stare…when there’s more to life than growing your hair!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I am a sucker for books with a good message, even more so a book that promotes books!  This book just happens to be my personal trifecta of favorite things: love of books, a strong message about being smart, and a feisty redheaded petite!  I truly couldn’t ask for more.  But wait there is more…the illustrations Rebecca Ashdown has created are wonderfully diverse, I love this.  Yay for diverse children’s books.

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The Princess in Black

The Princess in Black



Old Manhattan Has Some Farms


I know some parts of the country are still building snowmen and the idea that spring is just around the corner couldn’t come soon enough.  Well here in Seattle, we’ve been enjoying oddly warm weather.  Which makes dreaming about planting that amazing garden a reality.  My girls love gardening and digging in the dirt, and when we happened upon Old Manhattan Has Some Farms at the library a few days ago we couldn’t wait to get home and start talking about our garden.  Old Manhattan Has Some Farms by Susan Lendroth and illustrated by Kate Endle is a book that is wonderful for so many different reasons.  The book is based on ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ which makes it incredibly fun to sing with your petites.  It is educational – this book will teach your child about different kinds of gardens and how a garden can be grown anywhere.  Giving them new vocabulary words that are so important for language development.


This book has illustrations that highlight the diversity of the people who live in the different cities featured – we love a book with an illustrator that is able to capture diversity.  We need more diversity in our books, especially our books for young children, so hooray for Kate Endle.  Another reason this book is so special is it focuses on many different cities and the types of gardens one might find there; I am always a fan when one of my favorite places is mentioned in a book, even better if you happen to live there.


The citites featured are Manhattan, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, White House (DC).  The message is that anyone anywhere can grow a garden no matter how big or small.  This book is so much fun and the illustrations along with the singing make this a fantastic book for petite gardeners.

Women’s History Month Books for Petites

It is Women’s History Month and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some really powerful books about young women who are quite remarkable and inspiring.

My Name is Not Isabella
My Name Is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? is a fantastic book about a little girl who tries on many hats and in the process will introduce your petite to many remarkable women throughout history.  I love this book, after our first read my petite wanted to know more about some of the women that were featured.  It is a really fabulous story, in fact you can stop here to read more.

Rosie Revere Engineer
Rosie Revere, Engineer Andrea Beaty and David Roberts have created a manual for all petites.  I love this book, this book is an action inspiring book, the minute we were done the petite wanted to make machines and inventions.  Yes, please!  If you haven’t checked it out you will want to do it immediately.  I’ve written about my love of Rosie Revere here

The Princess in Black
The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale is a book that all petites will enjoy, there are monsters, princesses skilled in ninja moves and problems to be solved.  This book is fantastic for reading aloud to kids, I know a few teachers who have read this aloud to their classes and the kids love it!  Parents and teachers, if you are interested this book was recently in the scholastic catalog.  I adore The Princess in Black, read more here.The Paper Bag Princess
The Paper Bag Princess (Classic Munsch) a classic story about a little girl who goes through some struggles and comes out on top.  I love a strong willed girl and if you do to this book is for you.

I am Rosa Parks
I am Rosa Parks (Ordinary People Change World) I am in love with these books by Brad Meltzer, they are all so fabulous.  I love that this book features the humanity of Rosa Parks, that we are able to get a glimpse into what made her into the icon that we all know now.  I adore these books, check them out here.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon initially I wasn’t sold on this book at first, I though the illustrations were a little, well silly.  But then I gave it a read and loved it, the message is that kids aren’t always kind and well, Molly Lou has a granny who helps her to stand tall and build her confidence.  In turn making this a fantastic book a way to help kids realize that when they are the best version of themselves that they can accomplish anything.

Miss Rumphius
Miss Rumphius, this story is one of a woman who is given a simple bit of advice as a child to leave the world a better place – she travels the world and in the end does just that.  A really beautiful story with stunning illustrations.  This book stood as a reminder to me as well that whatever you do it should be done with your whole heart.

The Most Magnificent Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing this book is all about a little girl and her dog, she has an idea to make the most magnificent thing, what I like the most about this book is the vocabulary that is so rich and educating.  I love that the little girl has real reactions and emotions around making her “thing”.  This book is real and I love that.

Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite books to celebrate girls and women?

Luck of the Irish – books for petites

O'Sullivan Stew

O’Sullivan Stew (Picture Puffins) this is a story that will is filled with good old Irish blarnery as Kate O’Sullivan thinks up a creative way to get her and her family out of a problem.

Fiona's Lace

Fiona’s Lace is a lovely book, fans of Patricia Polacco will not be disappointed, this is another completely lovely story.  This is a story about a family who emigrates to Chicago and through Fiona’s hard work that eventually brings the family all back together.  This book is a lovely story, but more for older kids 2nd grade and up.

Awesomely cute craft from the brilliantly creative Allison McDonald


Shamrock Prints from No Time For Flashcards

If you liked this post you need to check out this one with more fantastic titles all about St. Patrick’s Day.

st patricks day books

Feeling crafty? Book Nook Decor

A few weeks ago my best girlies and I got together to make some really fun crafts for our petites.  I absolutely adore when you see something on Pinterest, think it looks really cute and are able to execute it.  Yay!  This is a really easy activity with minimal materials needed and a nap time to complete.

Finished version

bare letters BookThe materials you will need:

  • modge podge
  • foam paintbrush
  • letters
  • book (that you are okay with taking apart)/children’s art work
  • exacto knife
  • tin foil to lay the letters on as they dry
  • nap time

The hardest part of this project was finding the four letters.  A few of the stores did not have a the complete word.  I personally like these cardboard letters.  One of my pals opted for a thinner wood version of the letters – it’s a personal preference.

So once you have all of your stuff together you just need to get ready to get messy.  Decide if you want to use the entire book page like I did above, or if you want to cut out specific images and piece it together.

Tip: If you’re using thicker paper you might want to spritz it down with a light mist of water so it is more pliable.

Using the foam brush paint the top of the letter and smooth on the book images.  If you are going to wrap the pages around the letters you will need to cut them with an exacto knife and fold them over while they are still wet and pliable.  Odds are you will not get the entire page to cover the surface and sides of the letters so you will need to piece together other strips from the book to cover it all, I chose to use the white margins as the sides.

Once you get everything sorted out how you like it, then give it a once over of the modge podge and you just let it dry.
Super easy, right?  You can make it even easier if you like, just put the book page on the top of the letter and leave the side as is or paint the sides.  The folding over does get a little tricky and messy.

Here are some of the other creations from my lovely ladies:

Bake 1

Aren’t these amazing?  My friend makes the most gorgeous cakes and is just an overall amazing baker, so these are quite fitting for her and her passion for baking.


My other pal is a brilliant mama who just ran a giveaway with me at Grace Mabel Baby  where she produces incredible baby friendly lotions and soaps perfect for the most sensitive petites.  She made this amazing G out of her petites finger paintings!  Could this be any cuter?

Whichever way you choose it you can make this really cute project all your own.  As you can see these letters are really the perfect addition to just about any space.

Happy crafting!

Tinkerlab: a hands-on guide for little inventors


I have been waiting for a really long time to get my hands on Tinkerlab, when I heard about this book I immediately put it onto my library hold list, and it was like Christmas morning learning that my hold was ready to be picked up!  Yes!  However, as soon as I opened this book I realized one thing immediately.  I should have just bought it, because it is AWESOME!  Have I mentioned recently I love quotes, well I do, I knew that this book would be awesome when this was how the introduction began.


Rachelle Doorley’s Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors is filled with helpful tips, inspiring quotes and really great parenting advice.  I found the message within the pages to be refreshing.  Rachelle Doorley explains her rationale behind how she sets up her tinker-space and immediately it made me think of the Montessori school that my husband worked in when we first met.  There was discovery, easy to accesses, but incredibly thoughtful well planned spaces and activities.  I loved the chapter all about the Ten Tinkerlab Habits of Mind, it just makes sense, is so important and thoughtful.

There is a mindfulness that is so present in this book.  Recently I saw a pinterest pin that was this beautifully displayed art tray from IKEA.  Immediately I thought of all the reasons why it wouldn’t work out and justifications to go along with it.  However, I decided to pull out all of the art supplies the petites use regularly and put them on a tray on the table and see what happens.  What happened you might ask?  Creativity.  Cooperation.  Inspiration.  As it turned out the pin that I was looking at was from this book!  Setting up your own tinkerlab might seem a little overwhelming at first, but once again, Doorley has made it so simple here is a list of her resources.

This book is not just an arts and crafts book.  It is a book that has rationales, developmental milestones and supporting ideas to get petites creating, it has encouragement and inspiration on every page.  As if Rachelle Doorley isn’t brilliant on her own, she has contributors that are professors, culinary experts, art directors, educators, directors of nursery schools and parents.  Seriously brilliant people have come together to make a handbook to inspire young minds.

Can’t get your hands on this book for a few days?  Don’t worry you can hop on over to Tinkerlabs facebook page and Pinterest to tide you over until your book comes.  If you like this post and want to know more about the books we read at The Petite Stag follow me!  Or check out The Petite Stag Facebook Page.





Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Can you even begin to imagine a world without Dr. Seuss books?  Some of my first memories of reading and being read to are The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.  Well today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, he would have been 110!  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite books and some activities that you could do to celebrate his birthday!


What a smart man.  His books are all so wonderful, the messages so important, tt is hard to narrow down which of Dr. Seuss’ books are my most favorite.

Dr. Seuss

The Cat in the Hat | Green Eggs and Ham  | Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (I Can Read It All by Myself)The Lorax (Classic Seuss)  | Horton Hears A Who!

  If I Ran the Zoo (Classic Seuss) | My Book About Me | What Pet Should I Get? (Classic Seuss)

Recently, it was announced that Random House would be publishing a manuscript that had been recovered in 2013.  This book, What Pet Should I Get?, will be released in late July of this year.  I am so excited to see this book.

I’ve spent some time browsing Pinterest, checking out some really fun and super cute activities to do with the petites.  However, I find that on days like Dr. Seuss’ birthday, I really miss being in the classroom.   Check out my Pinterest board.


Okay, now for the real question; which Dr. Seuess Book is your favorite?